Journaling is a buzzword you’ve probably heard a lot of recently – and whilst 20 years ago it might have conjured up a stereotype of a tween on their bed, twirling their hair and writing about crushes, nowadays it has a total mind of its own (pun intended). It’s an exceptional tool for mindfulness, and wedding journaling especially; obviously, as a mindfulness for brides coach I’m all here for it! So, I thought I’d explain the benefits of wedding journaling, why it’s so important, and how I like to encourage my nearlyweds and couples to use it:

What are the benefits of wedding journaling?

The benefits of wedding journaling are pretty epic; in essence, it boils down to journaling helping manage anxiety, relieve stress, and reduce symptoms of depression. But that’s a pretty big statement – how does it do that?

Wedding journaling, first and foremost, helps give you space. When it feels like your brain is going at 1000 mph with loads of whirring thoughts all getting tangled round each other, putting pen to paper is often an immediate release. Though it seems counter-intuitive, downloading all those thoughts, worries and anxieties onto paper is actually a great way to let go of the negative thoughts. When we do the opposite – don’t give them space, try to ignore them, and push them down and pretend they’re not happening – they end up growing even bigger and taking over even more of our lives.

Another one of the benefits of journaling is the ability to prioritise, which having these thoughts on paper helps you do. Though they’re the exact same thought on a page as they were in your head, they feel like they have less power as soon as they’re out: having them laid out in front of you allows you to approach them with some objectivity. If you’re wedding planning, for example, and you feel super anxious about getting everything done, seeing everything that you need to do written out can help you get started with a to-do list. In this way, you can see how wedding journaling is a real, practical step to help combat anxiety and stress.

Wedding journaling can also provide a much-needed opportunity for positive self-talk. Your wedding planning journey can be a super exciting time, but it can also be a time when there’s a LOT of focus on you, often much more than you’re used to. More often than not, we use these times of focus on us as times to criticise and beat ourselves up, especially when we feel like the stakes are high. As journals are entirely private, wedding journaling gives you an outlet to openly and authentically big yourself up rather than beat yourself up, acknowledging when you were and are brilliant. In turn, this also helps us identify negative thoughts and behaviours which we might not even realise we’re doing or engaging in; and knowing we’re doing them is an excellent first step in getting rid of them. 

How can I start wedding journaling? 

Because as humans we’re all so brilliantly unique, different people prefer to journal in different ways; but that doesn’t help when you’re starting out. The prospect of a blank page can be super daunting, so one of the best ways to get started with journaling is the use of journaling prompts. These are questions that will provoke deeper thought, and will help you put your pen to paper to gain more self-awareness and all those other juicy benefits of wedding journaling. Play around until you find some prompts that feel good for you.

Alternatively, my “Powerful Questions” cardset is aimed at couples looking to manage wedding planning stress, worry and anxiety; plus, it helps you develop a stronger, even deeper connection with your partner in the run-up to your wedding day.

Have you started wedding journaling yet? Have you got any prompts that really worked for you, or anything you’ve discovered? Let me know!