In my trusty mindfulness for brides toolkit, visualisation is one of my favourite ways to deal with wedding anxiety (and I have lots!). It’s a really effective tool for focusing the mind, dampening those racing thoughts and helping you feel more in control and grounded again. If that sounds like it could help, then without further ado, let me introduce you (Frankie Goes To Hollywood style) to the Power Of Visualisation…

(Sing with me now!)

What is visualisation? 

Ok, so, real talk: visualisation is a really simple premise, but when used properly it works brilliantly. In essence, it’s conjuring up mental imagery – visualising it – of you doing something you want, or something you aspire to, but visualising it as if it’s already happening. It’s a way of coaxing your mind into the state you want it to be in, which is calm and relaxed (of course!)

How is visualisation a good way to deal with wedding anxiety? 

Visualisation is a good way to deal with wedding anxiety because it lowers your fight or flight response, which is the physiological cause of feeling anxious. By effectively providing you with a dress rehearsal, it helps you feel more confident you can handle an anxiety-inducing situation, meaning that instead of fleeing or having to fight, you can rest and digest instead.

Why is visualisation a good way to deal with wedding anxiety? 

Visualisation is also a great way to deal with wedding anxiety because it really helps your imagination flow. You might think this is a bad thing – imagining the situation snowballing and getting worse, of course, isn’t a helpful way to deal with wedding anxiety at all – but on the flip side, it can allow you to dream big about all the things that can (and will) go brilliantly.

And, visualisation allows for creativity as well, which in itself is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Creative activities not only release dopamine, a motivational feel-good chemical, but they also help distract our whirring brains from the minutiae of the everyday, giving us the much-needed chance to unwind. 

If you now fancy giving visualisation a go as a way to deal with wedding anxiety, but you’re not quite sure where to start, then I’ve got you, boo. My bridal visualisation kit includes a card deck and mini guided journal to help you really choose and cultivate that dreamy, calming mental imagery. And if you fancy going deeper, I offer 1-1 mindfulness coaching – you can find more out about that here. Happy visualising!