This year, Christmas might test even the most seasoned of present buyers. If you’re looking for unique bride-to-be gifts, what can you get that says “Merry Christmas, I’m grateful to have you in my life, and sorry it’s been a rubbish year” all in one?!

Well, other than waving a magic wand and wishing that COVID-19 never happened (which, by the way, if you are physically able to do – why’ve you waited till now to flex those fairy skills?!) why not give them the gift of mindfulness?

Whether they’re having to sadly replan for next year, or whether they’re newly engaged, mindfulness is not only one of the best unique bride to be gifts but a brilliant one too. It’s the perfect way to let your pals know that you’re there for them, there to support them, and that you care, even when you’re far away.

Though your bride-to-be can’t simply open a box sent by you labelled “CALM” and suddenly feel better – we’re working on it – they can open a gift that will help them build a longer-term toolbox to help ground them and help them exist in the moment.

When practiced, mindfulness tools and techniques can also help reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm, so it’s a gift that keeps on giving. With our experience as a qualified mindfulness coach, we’ve developed a number of products to suit all types of nearlyweds, so that our unique bride to be gifts are well suited to every unique bride.

If you’ve noticed that they’re really worried and anxious about their wedding plans, our mindful wedding affirmation cards can help reframe those into positive thoughts. If you know they’re holding a lot in and they don’t have a way to let off all that stressful steam, our wedding journaling prompts can help hold a space for them to unwind, and release that tension. Alternatively, our mindful wedding visualisation kits and mindful wedding notes notebook are great ways to bring creativity, relief, and emotional awareness to the wedding planning process. Or, finally, if you know they have a habit of letting self-care slide down the priorities scale, our mindful weddings weekly planner acts as a gentle reminder to look after themselves in the run up to the day itself.

But don’t worry; your thoughtful, unique bride to be gift isn’t going to drain all of their spare time and become a massive, unmanageable commitment they’ll learn to regret. The brilliant thing about mindfulness is that it doesn’t require huge chunks of time, and can work in just a couple of minutes every day, slotting around whatever else they’ve got going on and there to lean on whenever it’s needed.

If you know a bride who’d love the gift of calm this Christmas, you can head to our shop here, or read more about us here.