Pandemic wedding planning probably wasn’t how you imagined you’d be planning your wedding (and, if it was – fancy giving us a headsup on what’s to come next time?!) Whether you were planning to marry this year and have had to change your plans, or your plans were always in the future but pandemic wedding planning has put a spanner in the works, it’s a really rubbish situation and I’m so sorry. 

And alongside it being a really scary time for everyone, it’s also creating a lot of (understandable) uncertainty, which can in turn cause stress (if you’d like to know more about how to manage uncertainty and stress, I wrote a blog on it here.) However, I believe we can also use this time to reset our connection with our wedding planning, by flipping the situation on its head as much as we can.

Shifting our perspective

Covid has caused us to rethink what’s important to us in all aspects of our lives, and that includes in our wedding plans. With this in mind, it can be really helpful to take this moment to touch base with your partner, and discuss what is really important for your wedding. 

It’s only natural that going through this kind of once-in-a-lifetime situation together (not even once in a lifetime for some people!) will change your relationship – it’s the classic ‘worse’ bit of ‘for better for worse’ – but, more often than not, it strengthens it beyond belief. 

So, how do we do that? 

Use this as a positive opportunity to sit down with your partner (I know, as if you weren’t exclusively sat down next to them for 3 months earlier this year!) and reconnect about where you’re both at, what you’ve helped each other through, and what that means going forward for your wedding (and your marriage too). 

One thing that can really help make this mental shift is practicing mindfulness activities focussed on gratitude. Gratitude is a really useful mindset to hone in times like these, as it helps us focus on what we’ve got, rather than what we’ve not got. 

Another tip in resetting your intentions for your wedding day is to set some affirmations as a duo. Positive affirmations help rewire your natural default negative thoughts, so setting and committing to them as a two means they can be doubly powerful! 

What do you feel has changed in your wedding planning, if at all? Have your priorities shifted since lockdown began? Let me know your thoughts!

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