Mental health resources

Where to get mental health help or mental health resources:

If you’re looking for urgent assistance with or more information about your mental health, please check out the below organisations and charities below and get in touch for further support

Individual websites will contain contact details if you need to speak to someone urgently.

Mental health resources

If you need urgent help or ongoing support please reach out to a relevant service. The ones listed above will have trained staff to help you and provide any resources you need. Never feel like you would be wasting their time and should not make contact with them. They are there to help.

Whilst the blog and Dear Dotty have some mindfulness tips and help, please note I cannot advise on any legal or medical queries. If you need medical or legal advice, get in touch with one of the above companies, or make an appointment with your GP (for medical queries).

If you need immediate mental health help UK based, the Samaritans have 24 hour support for immediate mental support and help.