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(Wisdom on How to plan a stress free wedding)

Dear Dotty

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Welcome to our new free and anonymous ask an expert service, ‘Dear Dotty’! Think of it a bit like an agony aunt, but a wedding agony aunt with buckets of experience in mindfulness, mental wellbeing, brides and the wedding world (and tips on how to plan a stress free wedding & helpfully navigate anxiety before wedding!)

My mission with Dotty & Bright is to arm brides with a self-care toolkit that helps them know how to plan a stress free wedding (or as close to it as is physically possible), and as part of that, wedding agony aunt ‘Dear Dotty’ is here to help with any issues that are bringing up any anxiety or overwhelm and support your wellbeing in the run up to your big day.

Your wedding is an important milestone – otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it – and whilst wedding planning can be super exciting, it can also throw up some questions. And sometimes it can feel hard to talk about these with your nearest and dearest, because they’re often involved.

Things like, but not limited to…

+ Friendship dilemmas
+ Issues around new families or dealing with new opinions
+ Needing to set boundaries with people who are close to you
+ Coping with money worries or budget stress
+ People pleasing or dealing with feelings of guilt
+ Having difficult conversations with people you love

And you may, understandably, have some marriage anxiety beyond your wedding day too, raising questions like…

+ How do you set the best intentions for your marriage?
+ How do you ensure you are building a life not just a wedding?
+ How do you navigate merging your families?

Answering your questions

Dear Dotty, My wedding day is spiralling out of control!

Dear Dotty, My wedding day is spiralling out of control!

QUESTION Dear Dotty, My wedding day is spiralling out of control! I am quite shy and when I got engaged I wanted a small, quiet wedding with just the people I am comfortable being in front of. More and more people keep getting involved though and now I seem to be...

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So, if you have a question for the wedding agony aunt on any of the above – or anything else you’d like an outside perspective on – please get in touch via the box below, or via the email

I look forward to hearing from you!

Love, Dotty xo

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All responses will be published here but we will never reveal any personal details about you, and your name will be changed where relevant. Though I’d love to respond to every single one, I unfortunately can’t guarantee a response; if you need urgent help or ongoing support please see our mental health resources page here and please reach out to a relevant service. (Please note, I can’t advise on any legal or medical queries.)

If you are in the UK, don’t forget the Samaritans have 24 hour support if you need immediate mental support and help.